We believe in the beauty of a job well done and the power of a well painted room to lift your spirits, relax and calm you and increase your property’s selling ratio.

Pipeline Group: Home Staging Redesign and Paints believes in the power of a professionally painted job. As a homeowner, a new coat of paint can add real measurable value to your home, especially in a highly competitive market. As a Property Manager and Superintendent of a multi-unit building, you need the peace of mind to know that you are working with trusted professionals that will get the job done right.

We believe in a job done well and that our work speaks volumes from the time the job is started to the final sweep up when the job is completed.

We work with your schedule and can work with and around other trades effectively.


Elements of a Quality Job Include:

  • Interior hallways are painted in a durable
    and washable paint
  • Scuff resistant semi-gloss paint used on trims
  • Quality primer used to deal with peeling paints
  • Full scraping and sanding of all walls
    (as required)
  • Filling of holes
  • Priming all required areas to give a quality
    finish and look
  • Floors are covered and protected
  • Plug plates and switch plates are removed
    (new ones can be installed as directed)
  • New caulking is applied to cracked or broken window ledge or trim




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